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The Laws Behind Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime that must be dealt with in criminal court. ,… Too often, judges view domestic violence allegations as a way for them to get custody and then to transfer the case to their family court.

To protect married couples or domestic partners from abuse and victimization, the Federal government passed several domestic violence laws. Florida has domestic violence laws that protect against stalking, violence from others, and violence against women. You can also get more information about the best domestic violence attorney in Largo via

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These laws are addressed at the federal level but also state-specific laws.

1994 saw Congress become involved in the fight against domestic violence. It passed legislation as part of the crime bill. The government did not have jurisdiction over domestic violence-related crimes that occurred in the community. These types of crimes were dealt with at both the state and local levels. These crimes were handled at both the local and state levels.

All fifty states were able to follow the precedent set by Congress in 1994. States were asked to adopt more severe laws relating to domestic violence. Since then, legislation has been passed to address other issues such as stalking, online stalking, and crimes connected to the internet, like communication or threats.