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Stunt Scooter Buying Guide

If you like skating parks, then you might be thinking of buying stunt scooters also known as 'stunts' or even freestyle scooters. Stunts are everything you need if you're into bicycle tricks and need to make use of the regional hockey park.

Do not be worried if you are not too sure what to watch out for when purchasing one of them; we have got you covered with this stunt scooters buying guide.

What's the difference between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter?


A freestyle scooter remains a scooter nonetheless. A normal scooter is intended to take you from 1 stage to another. But a stunt was created for all of the pleasure with its construction for freestyle tricks.

Regular ones provide the following attributes:

  • They include adjustable handlebars which makes them height-adjustable.
  • They comprise elastic decks that enable comfy riding along pavements and other avenues.
  • These scooters come with wheels in various sizes, and you'd go for bigger wheels for a faster rate.

Stunts on the other hand provide the following attributes:

  • They include fixed handlebars for safety when riding.
  • The deck will be on the other hand to defy additional pressure.
  • Stunts normally come with wheels structured for brief speed bursts.
  • Anyone who enjoys scooters and doing, or learning how to flaunt, tricks in hockey can utilize a stunt.