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Types Of Roofs Available In Market


The roof is one of the most important aspects to consider when building houses and buildings as most structures need something to act as a protection. It's no surprise how roofs have evolved throughout history and even over the last two decades.


The more houses are built, the more roof options appear. It fulfills several conditions, not only from a functional point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view. It's amazing to see how many decisions a home owner can make when it comes to roofs. You can also find the professional contractor for repair & renovation of roofs in Highland through the internet.

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Here are the some types of Roofs avilable in the market:

Built-in roofs

Built-in roofs are usually preferred in high traffic areas and where there is a possibility that they will be mechanically abused. The roof membrane that is installed is usually thicker and stronger than most other roofing options with multi-layered layers and gravel. Since this is such a popular choice, it is usually easy to find a contractor who will perform this type of roof installation and repair in most locations.

Modified asphalt roof system

A modified bitumen roof is the same as a built-in roof. However, the main benefit of this roof option is that it performs much better in cold weather. This type of roof is designed to be flexible at low temperatures. They can adapt to temperature changes better than the roof already installed.

One-layer roof system

A single-layer roof, as the name suggests, consists of a single layer of plastic or an elastic material. Because there is only one layer, this type of roof is quite thick.

Single-ply roofs can be sensitive to certain substances and special attention should be paid when choosing between different types of single-ply roofs.

Metal roof

Metal roofs are no longer limited to flowing sliding panels that are held together securely and then screwed or nailed to the frame.

There are several other roofing options today. It is important to choose the right type for the right structure. Whether new or classic, a good roof should serve as a good covering.