Reasons Why Homeowners Should Employ an insurance adjuster who is a public employee

As consumers, we typically believe that the companies that conduct business with will have our best interests in mind. A "public adjuster" does not work for any insurance company, is not a public employee, and does not work on behalf of the State of Illinois, Department of Insurance, or any other public agency. You can also search online to hire an Illinois public adjuster.

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When you think you are the victim of a claim and decide to pay you to establish an uneasy relationship. The contract requires that you be aware of the terms of the policy, its conditions as well as the coverage, limitations, and exclusions in the policy. 

It is important to ensure that you meet all the conditions so that you are not in violation of your claim. Every word you say or write is legal meaning that a lot of people don't understand. 

This, along with other issues can lead to claims to be rejected or settled for a lesser amount than you are entitled to under the terms of your contract. The claims representatives of the insurance company and claims adjusters are not representing you. 

If you choose a reputable Public Adjustment firm you will be properly represented and receive the maximum amount you legally have under the terms of your contract known as the policy of insurance.