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Know Different Types of Espresso Coffee Machines

Before using your espresso machine, be sure to be ready with the basic equipment and materials. You will need to have an espresso grinder, some demitasse cups, espresso beans and water. It is valuable to know that bottled spring water is not recommended. High mineral content spring water can cause scale that can damage your espresso machine. The filtered water is the best choice.

Here are the basic steps for Espresso Coffee Machine used:

1) Fill the water chamber with clear water, cold filtered. Securing the boiler lid. The recommended amount of water is one ounce per shot of espresso. You can check out for getting the best espresso coffee service.

2) Place the coffee basket in the filter holder and lightly pack the ground coffee. Most filters espresso tell you how much coffee to put in for your desired number of servings.

3) Remove the grounds scattered around the filter and then put in the filter holder espresso machine.

4) Secure the position of the glass carafe demitasse or down the drain. Start the engine and the water will heat up and build enough pressure to propel itself through the coffee in the filter group.

5) Foam floats on top of your coffee, and turns white when you have to remove the cup from the machine (ideal Espresso has a brown froth or "crema" on the top of the coffee. When it starts to turn white, it is an indication that the best tasting liquid has been extracted.

Grocery stores and specialty coffee shops offer a wide range of coffee roasts and flavors. serious drink espresso often buy espresso grinder and make their own ground coffee from the beans before brewing.