A story of becoming an Import and Export agent

Trading as an agent himself for several years, Alan Bracken teaches you ways to be a successful agent within the real-world. He explains the way to control costs and maximize profitability also as the way to choose the simplest sort of agency for you, the way to negotiate and sell and move your products.

When looking to become an import and export agent, it is sold to several as a fast way to make money without having to try to much work. You meet up buyers and sellers, negotiate a deal and obtain payment. This is often how easy some think it is. However, the truth is somewhat not the same and I am getting to offer you the entire image here.

Before we get into our top tips, let me give you a little heads up about the reality of your new import and export business.

Two years ago, Alan was in Dubai lecturing at a local college and presenting his own import export training course at seminars and to various local trading companies.

He noticed in the hotel lobby, an advertisement for a course entitled “Become a Successful Import and Export Agent”.  The title caught his attention and out of professional curiosity he purchased a ticket for $15.00.  Yes, that is correct, for $15USD. The training was half day, from 9 am t to 2 PM with a 15-minute coffee break.

There were four very smartly dressed people who were presenting the meeting and they were told in rapid succession by all four presenters there was a fortune to be made as an import and export agent, with little or no financial investment and minimum knowledge of International trade. They were then told that once they enrolled in the course, they were on their way to success.  One speaker put it “The sooner you start the sooner you’ll be rich”.

Import Export Agents Needed

By becoming import export agents, this gave them the financial freedom and lifestyle independence to try to whatever they wanted. All that was missing was the photos of every of them with a Ferrari. As you will imagine, this went down alright with most of the paying audience. 

They were also told it had been so simple, a toddler could roll in the hay. All those were involved was find a buyer and seller, introduce them to every other and “hey presto” we get an enormous fat commission for small or no work. For each buyer, there is a seller and our job are simply to match them then await a piece of cash to hit our checking account.

Can an Import Export Agent Be Cut Out?

In an attempt to undertake and shed some light on how this get rich quick scheme might not be quite very easy, he offered an issue , “How am I able to make certain the customer and seller do not just cut me out after the primary deal and deal directly with one and other?” During a dismissive tone, the presenter replied, “This very seldom happens, so don’t worry”, then moved on to subsequent question. Fantastic, they pay the $800 then because it rarely happens.

At now after several hours of being told how easy life as an import and export agent is and therefore the riches it'll produce, the sentiment of the audience had changed and that they were on board. Who does not love the thought of creating an “easy buck” as they assert.

At 2pm, the presenters allow them to know that this was their last seminar in Dubai for an additional year so, only them, they might make a special offer of $600.00 to enroll during this super-duper life changing course. Alan managed to go away the space soon after 2pm but as he left there was a line of individuals signing up for the “special offer”, eagerly anticipating all of the profit they were close to make.

So, the rest is the history. That is the story of Alan.

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