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How To Care And Choose Kitchen Knives To Achieve The Longest Knife Life

Knives may be a very important tool in the kitchen. There are several factors that need to be considered when buying knives, features, size, and make. Choosing a knife that will be used depends on the person who will use it. They can choose between chef knives, peelers, serrated knives, ordinary knives, or whatever they are comfortable using.

The span of the knife depends on the quality. Good quality butcher knife can last at least 10 years. The knife that can handle almost all important tasks in the kitchen is a very good choice and investment. 

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Here are some tips for the right knife care:

  • Always save the knife clean and dry. Never wash them on the dishwasher but it is a bit washed with soap after use and cleans until dry.
  • Don't save a knife along with kitchen tools and other gadgets. Store in the knife block or a wall magnetic system to separate them from each other and keep the ends sharp. Avoid dropping it.
  • Don't use it as an open appetizer or on ice.
  • When sharpening the knife, use the steel sharpener and wash after sharpening to remove steel dust on the knife.
  • In keeping a shiny knife, rub it with a muffled cloth with alcohol or a piece of lemon skin. But always remember to wash before use.
  • There should be a balance on the weight of the front and back side of the knife.