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Overview of Carrom Boards and Accessories

Carrom board is a fun indoor game. This creates a competitive atmosphere in a more pleasant way. It gathers the family on weekend afternoons and helps everyone enjoy their weekend, relax, and have fun.

It is a very simple game with minimal accessories and unlike other sports activities, barely imposes any injuries during the game. You can surf various online sites to purchase a carrom board online.

The rules of the game are quite simple:

1. The game can be played in pairs or individually. In the first, two members of the same side sit opposite each other against two other players. The winning team starts first with white coins.

2. With the help of a striker, usually bigger than a Carrom coin, each player takes turns hitting it to collect coins in one of the four holes.

The accessories for the game are quite simple and limited and mainly include Carrom boards, Carrom coins, and strikers, without which it is completely impossible to play this game. The coins are made of plastic or wood. 

Carrom board powder is a must as it allows the coins to move smoothly and keeps the board surface smooth for a long time. This is very important for the care of the board and the board will maintain its longevity.