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Axillary Hyperhidrosis and Tips to Reduce Excessive Sweating

Axillary hyperhidrosis is the medical name for excessive armpit sweating. Each kind of hyperhidrosis includes its own name for example palmar hyperhidrosis for the hands and plantar hyperhidrosis for the feet. Individuals with axillary hyperhidrosis experience sweaty spots on their clothes.

People who suffer from excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis frequently find themselves intentionally avoiding social gatherings. These people may shy away from colleagues, friends, and even family because of the embarrassment of the clear sweat stains.


The most frequent forms of hyperhidrosis are palmar hyperhidrosis that's distinguished by sweaty palms and axillary hyperhidrosis that's excessive unwanted sweating. It's armpit sweating that causes the most humiliation, being overly obvious and unpleasant to conceal character.

The illness can be attributed in some individuals to a problem with a specific part of the nervous system that's accountable for the control of perspiration. There is a specific role in the nervous system that's responsible for the regulation of perspiration. Nobody really knows that a few people sweat considerably more than many others, but it's known that the sympathetic nervous system is thought to be under its control.

Hyperhidrosis is essentially a condition that is known as the presence of excessive levels of sweat which can at times affect the entire body. This condition varies from one individual to another and maybe present simultaneously in certain areas of the body.

There's not any known physiological cause of main hyperhidrosis. This kind of hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating on localized regions such as feet, hands, armpits, and face.

There is no preferred kind of hyperhidrosis if a sufferer was given a decision because they present all of the problems and embarrassments. For women, facial hyperhidrosis can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing, as it often appears to melt the cosmetics with a continuous stream of sweat. For men, hyperhidrosis of the face can make it difficult to have a mustache or beard because sweat falls into this facial hair.

Excessive odor perspiration (axillary hyperhidrosis) is embarrassing for men and women due to body odor which might be related to it and because the condition results in perspiration spots and patches.