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All About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming more accessible and each day there are more ways to use it. This also applies to augmented reality. 

Due to the equipment’s high cost, it is not often used along with computers or smartphones at home, but it is increasingly being used by entertainment companies.

General Equipment for Virtual Reality

Although there is a wide range of products for creating virtual reality, the main gadget is a pair of special vr prescription specs with PSVR lenses. It is a visual perception that is the key to immersion in a fictional world.

However, due to the high product cost, they are not widely spread. In addition, a significant disadvantage of the gadget is its considerable weight. A person quickly gets tired during the game or while watching a movie.

For virtual reality to be an immersive, real experience, one sensation is not enough: quality sound, tactile and temperature sensations, and a sense of change of position in space is important as well.

If the high-quality sound is provided by conventional stereo headphones, then with other sensations it is more difficult. At this stage of technological development, special chairs are used for their transfer, which vibrates and tilt at the right moment, heat up, or cool down.

Particularly steep virtual cinemas can additionally install equipment to create another olfactory background – appropriate smells. However, this also has a number of difficulties, because one needs to create a flavor on time, as well as remove it in time to replace it with another one.

Furthermore, if in cinema a person gets into an absolutely different, unreal world, or finds oneself in an atmosphere full of adrenaline, then in a virtual casino, on the contrary, it works on creating the effect of maximum presence.