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What Is an Automatic Intensive Driving Course?

If you have recently been pulled over for driving too fast, you may have heard about Traffic School and the automated detailed driving course. Learn more in this article about what is a traffic school, what some of the laws are, what people do to get away with speeding, and the penalties associated with an AIDC.

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What is an Automatic Intensive Driving Course?

An automatic intensive driving course is a type of traffic school that uses an educational software program to help drivers learn the rules of the road. The program interacts with the driver through a computer screen and provides repeated lessons to help drivers remember what they have learned. 

The program can also help drivers keep track of their progress and provide feedback on their performance. Automatic intensive driving courses are a good option for drivers who have never taken a traffic school class before, or for drivers who want to improve their driving skills but don’t have the time or patience to attend regular classes.

How Does It Work?

An automatic intensive driving course (AIDC) is a type of traffic school that offers drivers a streamlined process for modifying their driving habits. AIDCs use a variety of technology-based tools to help drivers learn and improve their driving skills. The most common tool used in an AIDC is the video monitor.

The video monitor displays a driver's actual driving performance while they are completing the course. This helps drivers to see how well they are performing and allows them to make corrections as needed.