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What is a Managed IT Service?

The term "digital transformation" was popular around the business world long before coronavirus became an issue however, the outbreak caused businesses to rethink their plans as they fought to survive. There are numerous benefits of digital transformation, and a clear need to do it, but it's not simple for IT managers. 

There are many ways that a company can improve and improve its offerings however, there is lots of incentive to try whatever it takes to modernize the company. To reap the advantages of the digital transformation process IT managers must follow a strategic approach, with much pre-and post-transformation planning. 

Managed services providers (MSPs) serve as valves for releasing pressure, which allow an organization to take off most of the day-to-day maintenance and operations of infrastructure as well as digital services. You can get the best managed IT service via Castaway Technology Solutions.

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This eases the burden of the process and allows internal IT teams to develop and utilize new tools instead of maintaining outdated tools.

Managed services have evolved from the old break-fix model. These are the services that allow organizations to hire an external specialist to repair, upgrade or install systems on a sporadic basis.

A managed-service approach is, however, tends to be more focused on a subscription model which means that businesses typically accept to pay a specific amount each month for the ongoing management of their system.