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What Can a Dental Implants Dentist in Fairfax Do?

Dental implant dentists work in the field of oral surgery. Oral surgery is the second step after your general dentist checks the level of removal of the teeth, gums, and tissue that will need to be done long before implantation.

Dental implant dentists work closely with the function and maintenance of the jawbone. You can also consult with a dentist who would provide you with a smooth dental implant in Fairfax.

The oral surgeon first removes the unhealthy areas of the oral cavity and actually places the implant in the location of the missing tooth.

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Oral surgeons also work in the field of prosthetics, the field of dentistry, and specifically focus on the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with missing or impaired function of the teeth, gums, tissue, bone, and jaw.

The dental implants are actually positioned and absorbed into the actual bone remaining in the patient's jaw.

Prosthodontists and oral surgeons work together to prepare and place dental implants and finished products. A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces the base/root of a tooth that is rotten or missing.

The implant is screwed into the jawbone for a comfortable fusion so you can chew properly with dentures, crowns, or bridges.

Oral surgeons are doctors who actually place dental implants in the jaw, where the teeth and bones are removed. Dental implants provide support for crowns, bridges, and partial and full dentures.

Teeth are what can actually be seen in your smile and provide a surface that you will chew on. A dental implant dentist can teach you the basics for the future of the great dental function.