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Ways To Find A Dog Trainer

Do you really need a dog trainer? You can do a lot of dog training yourself at home. Most puppies are fast learners if you are consistent with what you teach them. You can usually teach them housetraining and some basic manners within a few weeks. You can also visit to hire a dog trainer in Boulder CO.

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Many breeders and other experts recommend bringing new puppies to preschool and puppy kindergarten classes. These courses are for puppies only and are often offered by pet stores, dog training centers, kennels, and even animal shelters. 

They will give your puppy a great opportunity to socialize.   The trainer who teaches this course will also teach you and your puppy some basic obedience commands, such as Sit and Come.

Here are some resources to consider when looking for a dog trainer:

1. Check with the pet store and check their bulletin board.

2. Talk to the people at your local dog club. Dog trainers can often become members. Dog clubs hold obedience shows and may have members with extensive experience teaching obedience.

3. Check your phone book and check the web to see if there is a local dog training center near you. There may be a professional dog trainer. See if they teach a basic obedience course. Remember, you're not looking for someone to teach guard dog training!

4. Ask people at your local animal shelter if they have someone teaching obedience classes. Some animal shelters offer obedience classes because trained dogs are more likely to exercise in their new homes.

If possible, do some research on trainers and classes before you visit to make sure this is someone you want to learn from.