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The Rules For Playing Scrabble

Scrabble is a family game that everyone loves. It can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, and even those who have been playing for many years. You can play Scrabble by using the best words of wonders through with up to four people, each one taking turns to place a word from the tiles.

One hundred letter tiles are used to play Scrabble on a fifteen-by-15 grid. The players each draw one tile from their bag to determine who wins. The player with the closest tile to the beginning of the alphabet wins. 

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A blank tile is the best. The tiles are then returned to their bags after the order of play has been determined. This order of play allows the players to take seven tiles each from their bag. The game can then begin.

The first player will play a word from his tiles rack along with the board's center tile, horizontally or vertically. After they have played their word successfully, points are added to their score and the player then retrieves more tiles from their bag until there are seven tiles in their rack. 

The score for the first word spoken is doubled. A player can play words, exchange tiles, or pass their turn.

If a player believes that the word in question is invalid, they may challenge their play. If the player is correct in their challenge, but the word doesn't exist in the scrabble dictionary it is removed from the board. 

If all players pass two times, or if one player has used up all of their scrabble tiles, the game is over. Any tiles that are still on a player's rack will be removed from their score. The player with the highest score wins!