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Android App Development Tips for Beginners

With billions of people who use Android phones globally, the demand for mobile applications are now more than ever, which is why many developers are showing interest in the development of Android applications.

In order to make your application stand out from the competition, it is important that you understand the needs of users and have the ability to build an appropriate application. You can check out app development services by browsing the web.

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We will talk about tips to develop better applications that are free of errors and actually useful for the end user.

-Activity & Fragment

An Android Activity is one screen consisting of user controls for an Android app's interface. It's like windows for a desktop app, which is the first thing we encounter when trying to open the app. An Android app may have one or more activities.

A fragment is a component of activity that may be shared between multiple activities, Same as activity, fragment also holds controls to let users interact with the app.

– Database

Database is another crucial part of any mobile application. For Android apps, SQLite is the most popular database used to store offline data.

As an open-source database system, SQLite supports a range of features such as SQL syntax, transactions, and more. The database supports all standard data types including text, numbers and integer.