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How To Start A New Business In India

In India, business growth is immense and worldwide investors and business people are looking to establish a new corporate or extend the business sphere. If you have similar plans and looking for a suitable solution to fulfil your dreams, at first, you should get solicitor's advice regarding business registration in India. In order to find the best online company registration in India, navigate to

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These legal processes are required to receive an incorporation certificate in order to start a new business anywhere in India. Most people have not more legal knowledge and ideas to carry out the procedure, so it is needed to take advices of solicitors for best making of application for business registration.

Let's see here steps of company registration given below.

  • Obtain Director Identification Number and Digital Signature Certificates
  • Apply for name availability of the planned company to ROC
  • After approval of the name, it made available by the ROC with validity if 6 months
  • MOA and AOA are to be duly stamped prior to filing with ROC
  • Entire documentation should be filed in original with ROC
  • All documents will be scrutinized and if any change is essential, will direct to make such changes accordingly
  • Once ROC is fulfilled and inspection is finished they will issue a certificate of Incorporation

All the procedures are completely followed during the registration of business or company. A similar process, you should also follow if you want LLP registration in India to begin a limited liability company that is a business that includes two or more partners.