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SA Charities You Should Be Supporting

Charity is a unique thing. Charity can be a donation, time, or even a service. It can also be a donation, time, or even a service. In essence, it's a gesture of kindness to someone in need. There are many people in South Africa, and around the world, who are in dire need. There are so many things to do and fix.

But where should you begin? Who do you trust? How can you help? You can begin it by donate today to South African organizations that are worthy of your attention, money, time and effort.

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FEED (Feed Empower, Educate and Develop): FEED aims to empower children across Johannesburg, in addition to feeding the hungry through food drives. The organization has established self-sustaining gardens, and hosted film screenings to raise funds for essentials like school shoes and sanitary towels. FEED even helped to fund the construction of classrooms at the Adelaide Tambo School for Disabled Kids.

Living Hope: Living Hope is inspired by love. They use a holistic approach to help those living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. There are four ministries that work to lift the community: Living Care offers healthcare support, Living Grace provides support for homelessness, addiction, and Living Right offers HIV education and support. The Living Way is focused on economic empowerment.

Living Hope is a charity that strives to end poverty and disease. We love the fact that Living Hope has been collecting clothing, bedding, and hygiene products.