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How To Properly Clean Your Roof During The Summer

Summer is the perfect time to work outside and around your home.  In fact, sometimes our to-do lists are so big that we forget all about the roof!

Some homeowners neglect their roof maintenance until it’s too late or sometimes just forget that cleaning is mandatory for a tip-top shape roof. 

Follow these tips to ensure your roof stays clean this summer and is in top shape for the winter months ahead. You can even hire professional roofers in Sevenoaks via https://groomnco.co.uk/our-services/sevenoaks/ for your roof maintenance.


Loose or missing shingles are the beginning of a growing problem. Shingles need to be nailed down, secured, and free of any rips or tears to prevent leakage. If you see something unusual on your roof, inspect and have it repaired IMMEDIATELY.

  1. CLEAR

It may not seem like much, but water, leaves, and other debris can be very heavy while sitting in your gutters. As the weight accumulates, the gutters will be pulled downwards, possibly separating from the roof of your house. 

Avoid this by consistently cleaning out your gutters and downspouts and ridding of any extra weight that may cause a problem. Professional Roofers recommends that you do this at least every other month.

  1. TRIM

It may seem unlikely, but it isn’t. Strong winds and thunderstorms can easily break branches or tear down trees that can end up puncturing your roof. 

Be sure to trim all branches that are close to your home to avoid any falling damage. Doing so will also assist in keeping the squirrels and other tree dwellers away from your roof.

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Things You Need to do Before Hiring Individual Roof Contractors

Sometimes while repairing your roof, you forget to take advice from the roofing contractors. This results in the unhealthy life of your roof. So, it is very important that you should consult the best roofing company before getting your roof repaired.

You can get more information about the best roof contractors via https://turnbullroofing.com/city/ajax/ or various other online sources.
 A successful contractor would have a good reputation among customers through word-of-mouth. A qualified contractor may have his own crew in the roof companies to do the repairs. You can also contact your family and friends for the recommendations before starting your roof repair.

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It is important that you should inquire about roofing contractors and roofing contractor suppliers. Do they use a wholesale company that sells only to a roofing company in the whole country? Will suppliers also sell contractors to individual customers? This may be helpful when you're no longer a customer of a particular roofing company.

You should be able to schedule a meeting before the company begins working on the roof of your house, garage, shed, or other projects. Ask them if you can see the other projects that they have done earlier. This will give you an idea about the quality of work they do.