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An Introduction To Overcoming Dyslexia In Charlotte

Children with dyslexia have difficulty in learning to read despite having average or above-average intelligence and receiving regular instruction, Dyslexia is caused by impairment in the brain's ability to translate images received from the eyes or ears into understandable language.

It is never the result of vision or hearing problems or intellectual disability, brain damage, or lack of intelligence. There are many tutors available that also organize assessments tests online in Charlotte. You can also take Pams Reading nonsense word test for your child.

Dyslexia, like other learning disabilities, can be very difficult to diagnose and often goes unnoticed until later in school. There may be other problems that mask dyslexia.

Children become frustrated with difficulty learning to read, which often causes behavior problems at school and at home. Your child may also show signs of depression and low self-esteem. All of these problems often lead to a lack of motivation to go to school.

Diagnosis and types of dyslexia

Traumatic dyslexia usually results from a brain injury or injury to the area of the brain that controls reading and writing. It's rare.

Primary dyslexia: This type of dyslexia is a dysfunction of the left side of the brain (cerebral cortex) and does not change with age. People can struggle with reading, spelling, and writing as adults. Primary dyslexia is passed on (hereditary) through your genes. It is more common in boys than girls.

It is believed that "secondary" or "developmental dyslexia" is caused by hormones in the early stages of fetal development. Developmental dyslexia declines with age. It is also more common in boys.