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All About Power Of Attorney Solicitors

You can give someone you trust the power of making decisions for you by creating a Power of Attorney. This can be a mature way to think and will help you ensure that no matter what happens, you have someone you can trust to look after your affairs. You can also find the best power of attorney solicitors via 

There are many types of power of attorney. 

General Power of Attorney

When the donor requires assistance for a brief period of time, power of attorney is often used. The power can be as wide or as narrow as you need and can cover all your financial matters or specific issues like selling a house or collecting a pension.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power to Attorney will allow you to be represented by someone of your choice in the case of mental incapacitation, permanent or temporary.

Two types of Lasting Power of Attorney can be obtained:

  1. Property and Affairs LPA (which allows you to have your attorney manage your financial affairs).

  2. Health and Welfare LPA (which permits your Attorney to make healthcare and personal decisions).

What are the best times to obtain a Power Of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney may be necessary if:

  • You face the possibility of declining health and want to avoid any practical problems in the near future.

  • You want to minimize legal expenses that could be incurred in the future if you are unable to manage affairs.