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Having Fun With Your Bedroom Accessories For Girls

Having fun with your bedroom accessories for girls doesn't have to be expensive. A cube shelf with wallpaper on one side and shelving on the other side will turn your little girl's room into a whimsical house. This is also a fun way to make the room cleaner. You can also use wallpaper at the same level as the shelving for extra interest. Another fun way to add interest to a girl's room is to add a headboard. Adding a headboard doesn't have to be expensive.

Pink accents

Girls' bedrooms should be gender neutral, but pink is always a classic choice. While pink is often associated with girls, it has a strong influence on males, as well. Whether you plan to decorate a girl's room with pink accents or opt for gender neutrality, pink will always be a hit. Here are some ideas for girls' bedrooms that incorporate pink without going overboard. You can mix and match pink accents to create the room of your dreams!

The best way to use pink in a girl’s room is to use several different shades of it. If you want your daughter to love pink, use a soft shade of pale pink in accessories, including bedding. It is a versatile color that can be used as an accent hue as well as in larger amounts. Young girls can use pink in bedding, curtains, and linens, which makes the look easy to update at a later date.

Divans with storage drawers

For additional storage space, consider buying a divan bed with storage drawers. Divan beds often feature two or four storage drawers beneath the mattress, allowing for convenient storage of clothing and other items. These beds are particularly useful for small bedrooms and can free up valuable cupboard space. Alternatively, you can get a bed without drawers if space is an issue. Regardless of the type of storage you choose, you can rest assured that your daughter will love her new bed!

If space is an issue, a storage bed may not be the right choice. But if you want your child to enjoy the same storage space as you, consider buying a divan with storage drawers. These beds are ideal for girls' bedrooms as they provide extra storage space and can accommodate many items at once. Divan beds come in various styles, and different types of support systems provide different levels of firmness and comfort. Platform divan bases feature solid panel tops for a stable foundation, while sprung divan foundations have built-in springs for a cushioned support.

Shelves with flat, sliding doors

These triangular-shaped storage units feature an unfinished interior and a clear oil finish, giving them the perfect mix of style and function. Thicker wood frames with an open interior make for easy customization and plenty of room for storage. They are available in a variety of colors, including black. If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy customized shelving for girls. You can choose from several different styles and finishes, including the sleek Modern Intersecting Shelves, which are perfect for bedrooms and small entryways.

Pattern mixing

One of the key elements to make the bedroom unique is mixing patterns and scales. While pattern mixing is an art form, it can be intimidating at first. Start with pillows if you're unsure of the process. Choose throw pillows with smaller scales that will complement the larger one. The same principle applies to other accessories and the size of the container. Scales and colors can also be used to complement each other. It's best to balance the pattern-mixing craft with scale.

For a girl's room, mix patterns and scales. To create a dramatic effect, choose one print on a smaller scale, while a large damask print is more neutral. Use a complementary color palette to create cohesion between the two prints. In a room with a lot of color, alternating patterns and scales can make the room look unbalanced. If you can't decide on a color scheme, mix two different hues.

Upcycled furniture

Reusing and upcycling old items is an excellent way to create fun pieces for a girl's room. Recycled furniture can have many uses, including storing linens, books, and toys. You can create a gallery wall using old frames and wallpaper with floral designs. Then, decorate with vintage prints and other pieces of artwork. A little creativity and a lot of patience can go a long way in creating a girl's bedroom that she'll love.

For a romantic touch, consider ruffled pink bedding for a little girl's room. Ruffles and small flowers give a sweet touch. A bedside table made from an upcycled antique chair can double as a bedside table. Just be sure it's sturdy enough to hold basic items. Then, you can paint the chair to match the rest of the room's decor.