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Stand Up Pouches and Spouts: A Global Trend

Stand-ups and spouts are two fun and trendy ways to dispense your favorite drinks. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they make it easy to drink from a fountain or a cup.

Here’s a look at the different types of stand-ups and spouts: 

-Straw Stand-Ups: These are the most basic type of stand up bags with spout packaging. They simply hold a straw up so you can easily drink from the fountain or cup. 

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-Pouches with Spouts: These pouches have a special opening on one side that allows you to easily pour your drink into a cup or fountain. 

-Drink Dispensing Rings: These rings dispense your drink by dropping it down from the top. This is perfect if you want to stay hands-free while drinking.

Why pouches with spouts?

When it comes to product packaging, there’s no denying that pouches with spouts are on the rise. This global trend is based on a few simple reasons: they’re more sustainable, they’re easier to fill and carry, and they provide customers with an easy way to customize their product experience. Here are four reasons why pouches with spouts are becoming increasingly popular:

Sustainability: When it comes to sustainability, pouches with spouts are definitely winners. They require less packaging overall and can be recycled more easily than traditional bottles or cans. Plus, since the pouch itself is disposable, there’s no need for extra waste disposal or recycling efforts.

Ease of use: For customers who want an easy product experience, pouches with spouts are a must-have. Simply take the pouch out of the package and add your product – no pouring required! This makes them great for products that don’t require much preparation (like snacks), as well as those that do (like shampoo).