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Know Everything About Direct Hard Money Lenders

Direct private money lenders will allow you to directly contact the individual or company from which you are providing information. They will then fund your loan. Direct private money lenders are lenders who actually have capital. They will not outsource your loan package to another source that will provide the funds later.

There are many brokers out there who pretend to be direct hard money lenders. These brokers have websites that allow people to advertise. They are merely trying to get potential real estate investors data and then try to find someone who will actually make the loan. Many times, these people will offer terms and rates based on their assumptions. 

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If you go to a private money lender, you will actually be going to the source. All you have to do is ask the person if they are a broker or if they will give your information to another individual. These questions can be asked assertively since you technically have the right to authorize the release of your information.

Direct private money lenders are able to provide you with the necessary capital to fund your loan. Direct money lenders have the advantage of letting you know when you are approved for a loan. It's not conditional on anything else. It is not contingent upon anything else. 

This deal is not going to work because the broker doesn't have control over it. Direct hard money lenders are people who have low credit limits but take on high interest rates. You will also be charged closing points of 2-10% on top of the high interest.