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How to Free Disk Space With PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor is a new utility from ParetoLogic Software that puts powerful tools for computer maintenance in the hands of even the newest of computer users. Although the product is offered in both a free version and standard, the free trial version comes with functional hard disk management tools.

If you upgrade ultimately to the standard version or opt to stick with the free version, you can use PC Health Advisor for keeping your hard drive and clear of clutter at its best. If you want to get more information about the Disk Space then you can visit

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This unique computer health tool comes with five specific tools dedicated to managing disk: Duplicate Finder, Defrag Manager recovery points, Delete temporary files and Recent History. Each of these tools is much easier to use than comparable tools offered in Windows. 

With this utility work is handled for you with the product scan your hard drive, the list of duplicate files, and giving you the ability to remove unwanted duplicates. This can free up huge amounts of disk space. The same is true of the Defrag too. All you need to do is click the Defrag button and choose Analyze or Defragment. You can even set up a regular defragmentation program and put this tool on autopilot.