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Cold Laser Therapy Helps Tendons Heal

Laser therapy helps tendons heal

Tendons are like ropes in your body. They connect the contractile muscle tissue in your body to the bones. When muscles contract they develop a force that is transmitted through the tendons and "pulls" the bones. A muscle can develop a tremendous amount of force in a single stretch, or the muscle can perform thousands of smaller stretches.

For example, think about your hammock in the backyard. Each end of the hammock is securely attached to the trees by rope. When you lie down in the hammock the extra weight is transferred from the hammock to the tree by the ropes. If you start swinging in the hammock, the fibers of the rope will start to tear. Over time and repeated waving, the fibers would get damaged. You can also get to know more about cold laser therapy by navigating through online sources.

Tendon injuries

A hammock is a great analogy for rope tendons. Tendons are the ropes of the body for transferring the pulling force of the muscles from the muscles to the bones. Tendons are usually damaged where they attach to bone, where the "rope" transmits all force.

Like rope, tendons can also be torn by repeated stress. The body tries to repair the deteriorating tendons, but sometimes we are breaking down fiber faster than it can be repaired. Eventually, this process can lead to tendonitis or tendinosis injuries.

Treatment of tendon injuries

Cold laser therapy is a treatment that works at the cellular level to speed up healing. It works by "bumping up" the normal healing process. It also works to reduce swelling and pain in the tissues. We find that using a cold laser helps people get from a 50% level to 80% faster than traditional physical therapy treatment alone.

Cold laser therapy increases the level of cellular energy which gives it more energy to repair. Mitochondria are energy producers in cells. Laser therapy speeds up the mitochondria, producing more energy for repair. Think of an assembly line and turn it at high speed. If the assembly line is running at an average speed, more energy will be produced than that.

Blood flow is important in healing. Cold lasers increase blood flow to an area, resulting in more nutrients being supplied for cellular repair. More blood flow means more treatment.