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Understanding Your Caravan and Equipping Your Caravan

Caravans and camper trailers have to be registered separately to your vehicle and serviced regularly. Before you set off on your trip, it is worthwhile spending some time understanding your caravan's workings and all its components. Although many features are now standard, particularly in new vans, there will still be some equipping of your caravan to do.

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Similarly to your car, caravans need regular servicing also. The wheel bearings and brakes need to be checked every 20,000 km or annually. Your normal mechanic that services your car will be able to service your caravan as well. By understanding your caravan you will be able to take a spare set of wheel bearings with you and replace them yourself. If you are unsure of how to do this, just ask your local mechanic and he will gladly explain how to change them.

Brakes are a little more complex. Again your normal mechanic should be able to check them for wear etc, but sometimes you may have to visit a brake specialist.

Most other areas on your caravan are just routing checking like the battery and lights etc. You can either do this yourself with a little bit of knowledge or wherever you are traveling the garage mechanic will be able to check them for you.

Power Supply

Caravans are usually wired to operate on both 12-volt and 240 volts. The 240-volt supply will be a plug-in supply from your powered campsite or from a home powerpoint if you are staying with friends. They require 15 amp plugs, which are not normally fitted in homes so make sure your extension lead caters to 15 amp plugs.