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Reasons To Choose Colocation Over In-House Server In Baltimore

Building internal server space for your IT equipment can be an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided with colocation services. This service includes hosting your server with a service provider who monitors and maintains the device around the clock.

With colocation services, you can use first-class facilities for a fixed monthly fee. Services are more complete, more secure, and ensure the availability and performance of your system better. If you are looking for colocation in Baltimore then you can contact coloco.


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Here are a few reasons to show why your business needs colocation services rather than internal server space.

1. Best price-performance ratio

Colocation services are very affordable. If you want to maintain your server internally, you will need to set up and maintain the entire network infrastructure and create a server room with adequate cooling and fire and flood protection.

Compared to the costs of building a server room, managing utilities, and dedicated staff, colocation is a lot cheaper and gives you good value for money.

2. Easy scalability

Colocation simplifies scalability for your network and server needs. If your business requires additional servers or other features, you can simply add them to your colocation service without making major changes to your business.

3. High security

The fact that your server is maintained and serviced in the data center increases the security of your server. Datacenter facilities are highly secure, with multiple levels of access control and multiple security and surveillance protocols.