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Personalize Your Balloons With Gifts

It's a fun way to surprise friends and family by personalizing balloons with gifts. You can do this by filling your balloons up with small gifts or presents. You may be wondering how this is possible. This article will explain how. Balloons are an important part of any party or special occasion, but they don't have to be left behind.

They can do so much more than just surprise your guests or make your birthday memorable. Either you can buy a machine to stuff the surprise items into the balloons, or you can do it yourself using a pipe or plastic tubing at least 5 inches wide. This project will require 18-inch balloons. To know more about personalizing balloons, you can click here.

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Begin by stretching the balloon ends to make them loosen. To fill the balloons with air, place one end on the plastic tubing. The other will be used for the item. To make your balloons shorter, stretch the ends. Next, roll down your balloon's neck twice. Use your two fingers to place one finger into each balloon. Continue adding fingers until all fingers are inside the balloon.

The plastic tube can be placed into the neck of your balloon. You may need to work the balloon on the tubing with your fingers. Attach the other end of the vacuum to the balloon and let it exhaust until the balloon is full. To protect the balloon from sharper objects, place shredded paper on its bottom. 

Then, fill your balloons up with small items that will amaze everyone. Once items have been placed in balloons, remove the plastic tubing from the neck and continue the process.