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Moisture Removal From Transformer Oil Conservator Tanks

The oil reservoir (conservator tank) found on industrial and commercial hydraulic, lubricating and electrical transformer systems all suffer the common ailment of water. 

It is well known that water can accumulate in these conservator tanks to contaminate the oil and whether this happens in a short period or gradually over time the end result is the same, the equipment suffers from rust, corrosion, and reduced lubrication. You can get more information about transformer oil disposal from various online resources.

Transformers have even been known to explode from the loss of dielectric strength in their insulating oil. To a great degree, this problem is caused by the water being condensed from the humidity in the atmosphere around the conservator tank that then accumulates in the oil.

In an attempt to solve this problem and maintain "dry" oil in lubricating and hydraulic oil systems, water-removing oil filters were developed that can remove water from the oil via a flowing stream through the filter. However, filtering does not solve the overall moisture problem but only addresses the water after it is in the oil of transformer systems. 

The cutting-edge technology of spin-on air filters solves the problem of water condensing from conservator tank atmospheres. 

These unique filters have been designed to remove water from an air stream as it passes through the filter and when used as a conservator breather system it will not only remove particulates from air but will also remove any water vapor. 

This new technology positions negative valiant chemistry within the filter in such a manner as to cause a valiant bond to form with any positive valiant H2O molecules that may be passing through with the air and trapping any water vapor within the filter.