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Meat and Meat Recipes

It is impossible to emphasize the importance of meat in both human evolution and human history. Meat allows us to develop a large brain by providing us with a high-energy, protein-rich food source that is easy to digest. 

Meat enabled our hunter-gatherer ancestors to accumulate luxuries in a time that was very empty. There are meatballs that are very famous in NZ. You can buy delicious meatballs via

Meat has the advantage that it takes up more land to feed than wheat. But the human digestive system evolved to process meat. We lack certain amino acids that we need to extract from our diet. And while the combination of nuts and seeds provides us with these essential amino acids and it is possible to develop a complete culture of this mixture, it is still easier to get these essential meat components in our diets.

And yes, people crave meat too. We crave the fat in the meat and the taste of cooked meat. It is deeply intertwined with our brains and an integral part of who we are, like omnivorous monkeys. We can deny this part of ourselves and live without the flesh, our brains allow us to do it. But our teeth are designed to eat meat, and they're an integral part of what we want in our diet. Why has the combination of meat and vegetables been an essential part of the diet of nearly every civilization on earth (regardless of what the dietary components of meat and vegetables actually are)?

Our external teeth and digestive system allow us to eat almost anything, and this is one of the reasons we are so successful as a species. Part of that success is being able to eat the most nutritious food, meat. To celebrate our carnivorous side of nature, here's a classic beef steak recipe.