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Important Features That Make A Web Design Interactive

An interactive website is likely to attract more visitors. Today, a website visitor not only seeks information but also wishes to be involved in the website's functioning. You can learn about the importance of designing a highly interactive design from any experienced web design company. There are some website design companies in Michigan that provide the best web design services.

Here are the important features that your website must have to become an interactive and user-friendly web design:

Internal Linking

The interactive nature of a website is enhanced by incorporating internal linking. This type of arrangement allows the website visitor to easily navigate from one section to another on the same web page. 

If your website has long web pages with quality content, internal linking can help your visitors to easily scroll through them.

Interactive Map

Your website must have an interactive map that helps visitors to find a way to your physical location. A Google map can be added by using Google API that requires you to embed a small JavaScript code in your website code. You may also customize the map according to your own needs.

Social Media Sharing Buttons

You can add social media sharing buttons to your web design so that visitors are able to share the website and its content on social networks. The social bookmarking buttons should also be placed on the website to make it more interactive and shareable across the internet. 

Post videos

You can record videos about your products and product demos and post them on your website. Video content has a great potential of attracting more visitors to your website. You must also use a video share feature that would enable the visitors to share your website videos with others.