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How Vitamins Can Relieve Stress And Cell Regeneration?

Stress can have many long-term effects on our bodies. The nutrients that are provided by our diet and the bodies produced are utilized more quickly when we are under stress. So our bodies require an additional dose of nutrition or else the body's resources will become depleted and normal function may suffer or stop. Adrenal glands are primarily involved in the production of hormones that cause stress like cortisol, adrenaline GH and norepinephrine. If you want to buy vitamins for cell regeneration visit for the best results.

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When stressed when stress is present, these hormones are released into the system . They may remain at a high amount for up to 72 hours after stress has subsided. The increased levels of stress hormones trigger a variety of reactions throughout the body. 

These include mobilizing energy stored in muscles, boosting blood pressure, heart rate and breathing speed, as well as cutting down metabolic processes like growth, reproduction, digestion and immunity. By supplying the adrenal glands with appropriate nutrients during stressful situations the body is able to adapt and manage stress until it is solved.

Stress can cause the body to consume nutrients more quickly than normal body functions and, in turn, renders the body insufficient. The stress-related deficiency can cause depletion of energy storage, elevated blood pressure hypertension, ulcers, diminished growth, reduced testosterone levels and a higher risk of developing diseases.

Vitamin E is even more effective to fight stress when it is in combination with selenium, an antioxidant. Vitamin E is found in mangoes, almonds, broccoli, cereals fortified with vitamin E, seeds and nuts, as well as vegetable leaf, green, pumpkin blue crab, sweet potato as well as asparagus, olives, along with corn oils.