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How To Sell Jewelry Via An Art Gallery

Here we show you how to sell jewelry to people who appreciate handmade art by displaying your pieces at art galleries. This can be a good way to sell your unique and higher-priced items.

Customers who shop at galleries are often willing to pay a premium for their purchases and are often looking for unique artwork that they won't find anywhere else. The gallery owners and their staff know how to sell jewelry and other artwork to this type of client, and they are constantly looking for new and interesting crafts to display. If you want to get information on dichroic art glass, find it on the internet.

How to choose the best galleries for your jewelry

Exhibitions often focus on a particular style, niche, or medium of the artwork. If you find one that specializes in a subject, material, or era that characterizes your jewelry, it can be a great channel for selling your art.

How to identify potential galleries

1) Check local listings to see if there are potential fairs in your area. If they are close enough, you can stop by Anonymous before making an appointment to show them your jewelry.

2) Search the classifieds in art magazines to find gallery ads. Some art publications also publish annual exhibition listings.

3) When your friends and family are traveling, ask them to keep an eye on galleries that seem compatible with your jewelry line. Your loved ones are often happy to walk into a potential organization and pick up a business card for you to follow.

4) To display your work at a gallery in your local area, call first and make an appointment with the person responsible for accepting new works. If they say they're not accepting anything new at the moment, thank them politely and consider them next on your list.

5) For more remote fairs, please send a short email to the gallery owner, introduce yourself and explain why you think their jewelry fits well with your gallery. Include a link to your website so they can look at your business when they have time, to decide whether or how to sell jewelry like the pieces on your site. If you don't hear back from them within two weeks, contact the owner to follow up.