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How to Prepare Will in New Zealand

Your will includes instructions on what to do with your property after you pass away and how your dependents (spouse, civil partner, de facto partner, etc.) should be cared for. Your will is the most important document you sign for you and your loved ones. 

Your family can be relieved of financial and emotional stress by having a will. It also helps to reduce the possibility of disputes over your estate. It is not only money that you need to consider, but also all of your possessions, debts, and assets. You can look online for the will consultant in New Zealand.

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Who can make a Will?

A will can be made by anyone of sound mind over 18 years. If a person is (or has been) married, in a civil union, or de facto relationship, they can make a will. If they have been granted permission by the Family Court, if they are serving in the military, or are seagoing, others under 18 may make a will.

What is the cost of will?

Check the fees of anyone you're considering using to write your will before you engage them. Take into account any costs that may be charged by someone who will administer your estate after you die away. Compare prices between firms and don't be afraid to discuss charges with your lawyer (see our other leaflet, What to Expect When Seeing a Lawyer). A professional can assist you in preparing your will so that your loved ones are spared the anguish and expense of an invalid will.

Your will be stored by your lawyer or trustee corporation free of charge. It is important to inform your executors, family members or friends, where the will is kept. Your lawyer or trustee corporation will verify that your will is valid when you pass away. A majority of people keep a copy at their home, with a note indicating where it is kept.