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Guide To Understanding Personal Alarm Systems

A duress alarm is a well-tested solution for workplaces in which falls, trips and slips are likely to occur. Additionally, those who suffer from medical conditions or are at risk of being attacked can use personal alarm systems.

Apart from those two types of alarms, personal alarms can also be used by employees with health issues or working in mobile blackout zones. You can visit to get the best duress alarms service.

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The advantages of personal alarm systems

For lone workers

Slip falls and trips remain among the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries at workplaces in a variety of sectors. Falls on wires, falling from a high point, or similar risks can result in accidents that could cause serious injuries to workers.

Other causes of slips and falls include dangerous stairs, footwear that is not appropriate, speedy movement and a dangerous ladder, distracted people, inadequate lighting, workplace violence, uneven or slippery surfaces, and other similar factors.

That's why having an individual alarm system is very helpful. Another advantage of alarms designed for workers who are not a team is reducing the time it takes to respond to major and minor accidents.

Personal medical alarms are a way to help older people get medical help if they fall or are injured. If they fail to seek medical attention at the right time, injuries caused by slips, and falls can quickly turn fatal or painful. The system will instantly call an ambulance so, the likelihood of recovery is higher.