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Grease Cleaners: The Best Choice In the Cleaning Food Industry In Auckland

In many fields, especially in the food industry, grease cleaning for disinfection and sterilization has become indispensable nowadays. Ninety percent of pollution in the food industry occurs during the production and packaging process. Salmonellosis, listeriosis, staph, gastroenteritis, botulism, and Escherichia coli are just a few of the many dangerous infectious diseases, so hygiene must be maintained to avoid the spread of bacteria. You can also avail the benefits of grease cleaning services in Auckland via

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Preventing these harmful bacteria can be achieved by adopting an effective cleaning and disinfection system. Improving cleanliness is what a grease cleaning machine can offer. The use of grease cleaners helps the food industry to promote a high level of hygiene that maintains the health of consumers and operators.

Grease cleaners produce high-quality, powerful steam at high temperatures and pressures. This vapor reaches organic matter deep within the surface and dead organisms can be removed with a brush or microfiber cloth attached to the steam mop.

In addition, grease cleaners use only water, which is converted to hot dry grease, which prevents the spread of bacteria. Unlike traditional mops and buckets, this device does not recycle dirty water. Can degrade, clean, and remove dirt, oil and grease, mold, bacteria, and microbes without using harmful chemicals.

These cleaning systems are water and detergent-based and sometimes use harsh chemicals. The use of detergents requires a lot of water to rinse, which increases water consumption. Even though the surface has been rinsed with water several times, chemical residues may remain on the surface, which is not good, especially in the food industry.