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Getting Rid of Misconceptions Regarding Thai Food

Contrary to popular belief, Thai food does not just consist of peanuts, spices and a lack of meat chunks. Thai food does not necessarily include all peanut-based dishes. It is not always spicy. It does not have to be vegetarian. Further for details on authentic thai food in Spokane browse

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Myth 1 – You can make a dish quickly by adding peanuts

We are going to tell you, if you didn't already know, that many recipes can be referred to as Thai dishes simply because they contain peanuts. Don't be surprised if a friend offers to take you to Thai pizzas , or if you see salad at other parties.

Myth 2 – This food doesn't contain any meat

According to reports, Thais refrain from eating large amounts of meat due to their Buddhist beliefs. This does not mean that these dishes are vegetarian-friendly. The food is often made with pork and meat. Monks may eat vegetarian food, but this is not true for regular people. 

Myth 3 – This food is very spicy

It's not true! Do not be fooled by the pictures of som tam or papaya salad. If you're ordering the same dish from a roadside restaurant in Thailand, the vendor will ask how spicy you prefer your dish.

Myth 4: You can make this food easily by substituting the ingredients

You might find yourself in a restaurant that serves Asian food, Mornington. With your friends, you may have to put up with the outrageous claims that Thai curry bases can be made with coconut milk and Indian curry powder.