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Buying A Split Air Conditioner

These AC tonnage sizes determine its cooling capability. Split Air Conditioners come in 5 sizes half-ton, 1 ton, 3 quarter ton, 1 and a half-ton, and 2 ton.

If you decide on the reduced tonnage unit to decrease cost, then you want more power to run the device that costs you more in the long term. There are many companies from where you can buy split system air conditioner.

Some facts to be aware of using broken air conditioners:

1. When selecting an air conditioner size does matter. For every 500 sq feet, a 1-ton unit is necessary, when attempting to cool a large hallway divide it up into little rooms.

2. You may have to put in a hole in the wall of an area to accommodate split Air Conditioners. Typically the hole need not be larger than 3 inches in diameter and the thickness of the hole will change with the unit.

3. Additional tubing may be needed for the unit to operate properly. The size you will need depends upon the space between the indoor and outdoor unit.

4. Installation costs. Installing Split Air Conditioners is significantly more expensive than installing a window unit. This will require the support of a professional who is experienced in installing these components.

When buying a split air conditioner try to choose a famous brand unit. The more economical units usually use more power, finding parts for the brand names is also simpler. Purchasing the better-known brand could cost you more upfront but will be more efficient in the long term.