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Basement Repair – An Overview

Underground rooms are the supplementary spaces that are generally situated on the ground floor of buildings. Showery basements can be a bad dream for many house owners. If you want to repair your showery basement then you can look for the best service of basement renovation in Erie Pa online.

5 Signs You Might Need Foundation Repair After Water Damage

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Let us take a look at the usual underground room-related problems that most homeowners face.

Mustiness – Keeping the basement door open for a long duration can let in the humid air from outside into the basement. This reacts with the concrete walls resulting in minor condensation.

The air starts smelling musty and has high humidity. In extreme cases, the basement walls can even grow mildew and mold. This can be fixed with the usage of a dehumidifier to make the basement free from water vapor.

Leaking/ Dripping water pipes – Some households have their water pump arrangements in their basements. The temperature difference between the air and the pipe often results in sweating or condensation on the water pipes.

This results in dripping water pipes. This can be fixed by insulating the cold water pipes by using an adhesive-backed foam tape or a preformed tubular foam sleeve.

Seeping water – There can be several reasons behind seeping water.

Water might be forced into interiors from outside, or roof downspout water discharge might not be draining away from the house, or the slope of the house might be improper causing the water to drain into the wall of the basement, or high water table might be forcing the water between the floor and wall connection.

These conditions can lead to visible damp patches on walls near the floor. In extreme cases, water might trickle in through cracks on the wall. Seeping water can be repaired with the correct surface drainage system.