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All About Preserving Roses

You just got a beautiful dutch rose from your boyfriend or husband or any special person. The rose is the deepest red you have ever seen. And you want the moment to freeze in the space of time forever. You can do that by etching a never-dying memory in your mind and what about the flower?

Ever wondered how you could store the flower in its most beautiful form for as long as you can? Here's a tip to do just that.

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Take a candle (white and not colored one), and light it. Let the melting wax trickle on the flower covering it from all the angles possible. The wax settles on the flower petals. As the wax becomes solid around the shape of the rose, it will protect the rose.

There will be some initial color change due to the heat of the wax, but as it cools down you will notice that the rose will retain its shape and texture. Do this till you have completely covered the flower with wax. This way, the flower can be retained in the same form for many many weeks and months with the transparent coating of wax.

Of course, if it falls the flower will break as the wax will make it solid and hard. This might get cumbersome with a bunch of roses, moreover, a bunch lacks the magic that a single long-stemmed deep red dutch rose beholds. Put it in your favorite vase and let it bloom for a long long time.

You can do this and keep your roses close to your heart forever. Okay forever is stretching it a bit too far, anyways keep it as long as it lasts.